Frequently Asked Questions

You are in luck — if you have ever been a Mensa member, then you don’t need a re-test in order to rejoin us. Simply contact the National Office, and identify yourself as a lapsed Mensa member interested in renewing. You will need to provide proof of you membership, so have your membership number handy when you call or e-mail.

We offer a Preliminary Home Test. The cost is $25, and it can be ordered from our National Office. It takes about an hour to complete, and will give you a good idea of what to expect on the supervised test. When you are finished writing it, simply mail it back to the National Office for marking.

Possibly. We do accept some tests as “prior evidence”. Visit Mensa Canada’s prior evidence page for more information.

Test results will be mailed to you within 4-5 weeks after taking the test. The marking is done at our National Office, and not by the Montreal Proctor.

No. Your test results will indicate only whether you qualified for membership in Mensa Canada. To obtain your IQ score, you must take a test with a qualified psychologist.

You may write the Supervised Test after one year has elapsed since your previous attempt. If you fail a second time, I’m afraid that’s it… for life. However, you may also take an IQ test with a qualified psychologist. If you score in the 98% percentile or higher, then you may submit the test results to us for an evaluation.

The National Office regulates membership dues, which are are available to adults, students, and families. Discounts apply if you purchase a membership for two years. For details, please see Mensa Canada.

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